Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator| R-H350P7PBK (BBK) 318 L

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Brand: Hitachi
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High Power Inverter Compressor

Capable of providing exceptionally powerful cooling by generating a large volume of chilled air, as well as efficient low power cooling with microcomputer control.

Dual Sensing Control 

Fresh Select 

The Select Lever lets you adjust the inside temperature by switching between the two modes. 

Vegetable Compartment 

Movable Twist Ice Tray

You can move the ice tray or even remove it for more convenient and efficient use of storage space.

Tempered Glass Shelves 

Energy Saving

Controlling how much and to which compartment chilled air is delivered, it assures no wasted energy thus helping it acquire world top class energy saving ratings.

Stabilizer Free

Even without a special stabilizer, Hitachi?s inverter refrigerator can operate under wide voltage fluctuations.

Long Cool Keeper

The temperature in the freezer compartment is maintained to keep food fresh in the event of a power cut.

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